MR. BORGIN AND HIS CASH REGISTER - Part of the "Borgin & Burkes" Set

Hot Date

Lantern from Parsimonious


MR. BORGIN'S OLD COUNTER - Part of the "Borgin & Burkes" Set

No Add-on Required


CURSED NECKLACE OF OPALS - Part of the "Borgin & Burkes" Set

Hot Date

Rose Bush from C&C Enterprises


A magnificent necklace. Unfortunately, it's cursed - but from time to time, this can be useful, too...

Tree from Gardeningsims

Please note: When the neclace is presented, the receiver will die on the spot.

The necklace will be offered on *each* jewelry display.

BORGIN'S JEWELRY DISPLAY - Part of the "Borgin & Burkes" Set

Hot Date

Wall from Simfreaks


Magnificent jewelry, but also the one or other bad suprise awaits the buyer in this old closet...

Please note: Works like any other jewelry display


Makin' Magic

Chandelier from Marinas Sims


So you want to play? Better make sure that you've finished your homework first - you don't want to get into trouble with your potions master, do you? Writing essays is much more fun anyway ;-).

SNAPE'S USEFUL POTIONS - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

Living Large


Ever wondered, why Professor Snape appears to never eat or sleep and why he never seeks company? The answer is fairly simple: He uses these potions!



DOWNLOAD with gardening skill (125 KB)
DOWNLOAD without gardening skill (125 KB)
DOWNLOAD Kreacher's Menue (508 KB)

Please note:

Both versions with and without gardening skill have the same GUID and MUST NOT be used together. Should you already have one version and then decide to try the other, you must delete the old one, or you'll encounter an ID conflict which leads to problems in the game! Both versions need KREACHER'S MENUE to work!

You've always wanted a house elf, but your family is not old and rich enough to afford one? No problem - now, you can hire one! Just call SimCity ElfServices, the top agency for magical creatures! Kreacher, whom after the passing away of his old mistress obviously nobody wanted to have, will love to come to your home and let you profit from his versatility:

Working Hours / Payment

Kreacher leaves your house shortly after midnight to do the shopping for you at a market only known to house elves, but he returns punctually at three a.m.. For the shopping, Kreacher needs money which is taken from your budget. For house elves assume that their wizard families are used only to the best, the expenses are accordingly high (500) ;-).


Kreacher tidies, cleans up and repairs broken things himself. It would never cross his mind to hire paid personnel! Furthermore, he removes vermin and - due to his own magical abilities - lets even fly swarms disappear (my favorite)!


Kreacher comes with or without gardening skill. His excessive plant watering got on my wick, so I put a stop to it. But for people who don't like to water themselves or to hire a gardener, the 'with gardening skill' variation is the better choice.


Kreacher will never touch your mailbox, but at the moment a bill is removed from it, Kreacher will pay it automatically - so take care that your account is covered before you get the mail!


Kreacher takes care for every pet or baby belonging to the household and cooks four meals a day, no matter if there's a hungry family member or not. He prepares the meals with the ingredients from the house elf market, so you will not be charged for them again (resp. no ingredients will be removed from the pantry, so it can even be empty).

Kreacher knows all original Maxis fridges and pantries. Furthermore a stove (any stove will do) is needed, a food processor and - above all - 'Kreacher's Menue'! Kreacher does not know microwave ovens or BBQ's!

As an English house elf, Kreacher prefers English cuisine:

Originally, I wanted Kreacher to teleport, but I didn't get him to do this soundlessly, which made the thing rather annoying. So let's assume that your sims live on grounds where you just can't apparate (no, not even house elves) ;-).

Kreacher has undergone an intensive test before the upload - in a sim household with two adults, two permanent house guests and all stray cats findable which he had to look after, too (incl. cat litter pan). Kreacher had completed all tasks without any support. The arrival of a baby finally brought him to his knees - he couldn't cope with the cleaning, because taking care for the family has top priority. So if you have an offspring, you might consider to hire a cleaner to Kreacher's relief during the hot phase (or to assist him yourself) :-).

Please note:

Although Kreacher has been developed and tested with Makin' Magic, he should work with Superstar, because he has no MM specific features. Please keep in mind that the add-on given is to be understood as 'all add-ons up to xxx' (cp. the F.A.Q)

SNAPE'S PARCHMENT - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

Makin' Magic


Who plays chess when it's so much more fun to invent new potions? Particularly when this parchment increases your mental potential much faster...


Makin' Magic


SNAPE'S INGREDIENTS STOCK - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

Makin' Magic

Update: non-UL version for players without Unleashed added (tested with base game The Sims + Makin' Magic without additional add-ons)

DOWNLOAD UL Version (189 KB)
DOWNLOAD non-UL Version (272 KB)

A busy wizzard really hasn't got the time to colour stupid toadstools blue or to re-errect tombstones just to get the twentysecond packet of clown confetti, while he's in need for pegasus feathers. And isn't there a better use for elderberry nectar than to barter it, of all things, for rubber chicken? Stop it! In this ingredients stock, you'll find an inexhaustible stock of all ingredients that cannot be bought.


Makin' Magic


No more ridiculous magical performances or unprofitable mage duels which you only get a tip for. With this spinning wheel, you can craft your own MagiCoins - according the motto "Who needs gold threads? We want gold!"


Makin' Magic


A true mage should not be forced to kill people with an ordinary gun. And we all know, how awfully long it takes to get rid of the idiots with drowning them or walling them in. Why bother, though, if one short look into this book (being considered as lost to the unknowing) is enough to cast a deadly curse?

Caution: The usage of this book kills the targeted Sim right away!


Makin' Magic


This house elf comes in very handy, if you don't want to clean on your own. If you get him to leave his former mistress' casket, that is. This might prove a little tricky, since a shrinking curse went wrong and Kreacher grew twice his old size. But, as already mentioned, IF he leaves the casket, he's a very reliable home help...


Makin' Magic


Finally, dark mages are no longer forced to go to Knockturn Alley for financial transactions - at this handy banking center, they can exchange useless muggle money into MagiCoins.


Hot Date


Maybe it's no good indulging in your dreams, but it's fun! Admire yourself, dream about your ideals and enjoy it!

All values set to 100 when action "Admire" is chosen

SNAPE'S PAINTINGS - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

Livin' Large

DOWNLOAD Painting large (backless) (57,8 KB)
DOWNLOAD Painting small (30,9 KB)

SNAPE'S WORKPLACE - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

no Add-on required

The office desk is based on the 4-sight-desk by Shaklin

DOWNLOAD Office Chair (36,8 KB)
DOWNLOAD Office Desk (110 KB)

SNAPE'S BOOKCASES - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

no Add-on required

DOWNLOAD Bookcase 1 (193 KB)
DOWNLOAD Bookcase 2 (195 KB)
DOWNLOAD Bookcase 3 (200 KB)

SNAPE'S BOOK-SHELVES - Part of the "Snape's Office" Set

Livin' Large

All three shelves are based on the 4-sight-book-shelf by Shaklin

DOWNLOAD Book-Shelf 1 (108 KB)
DOWNLOAD Book-Shelf 2 (110 KB)
DOWNLOAD Corner-Shelf (97,7 KB)