WELCOME TO BIEDERSIMS.DE (or is it Bloodysims.de...)!


I know, I know... there hasn't been an update for ages... Well, there are way too many other games I'm busy playing at the moment ;-). Anyway, I've been planning to change my rework/clone/whatever policy for a long time. I'm going to change it in the readmes attached to my downloads, too (some time *g*), and here we go:

The restrictions found in the readme files attached to my downloads are no longer valid!


All downloads offered at Biedersims.de are for use in the game "The Sims" only.

You may rework, clone, recolor and offer them for download anytime (not on paysites, though, not even as freebies) - giving me credit would be nice :-). And file sharing is allowed, of course.

Downloading the files offered at Biedersims.de occurs on the downloader's own risk. I will take no responsibility for any possibly problems that result from the use of a file from Biedersims.de.

All the objects have been tested by me substantially, nevertheless I cannot exclude any problems in case you haven't installed all add-ons.

Nevertheless, I would be happy if you sent me an error report to the following address: ts@biedersims.de