Will there be Sims2 downloads on this site?

No - (or is it is a Sims1 only site

Will there be pay and donation objects on this site?

Surely not - my downloads are and will remain free :-)

Do you allow file sharing with objects or skins from this site?

Absolutely - plus, I do allow file sharing with any of *my* objects and skins at Please note that there are objects and skins by other creators, too, which are *not* affected by my policies.

Is it allowed to clone, rework or recolor the downloads?

You are allowed to clone, rework or recolor my objects or skins from or and to offer the reworks for download. Only exception: I explicitely *forbid* to offer them on a pay or donation site, even if they're offered as freebies. Credit is appreciated ;-).

The actions menues on the previews are only in German - is this the case in the game, too?

No - I use the same images for both English and German sections; for I have only the German version of The Sims, there's no way having the interaction menues displayed in other than German. The objects themselves have translated menues (though only in English for all non-German versions)- unless I've forgotten one ;)

The object doesn't work though I have the required add-on - why?

I try to make the add-on requirements as reliable as possible - but they're to be understood as "all ad-ons up to xxx"; if an add-on in the row's missing, it may happen that a download does not work even if the required add-on itself is installed.

As far as hacked objects are concerned, it's even possible that they require a more resently released add-on, because I rework the code in a 'full blown' Sims environment and thus might use parameters that cannot be interpreted by older add-ons.

I have all add-ons installed, but still I have the 'Missing Animation' message when I use objects which come with a new animation - why?

There, we can proceed from the assumption that the animation files had not been unzipped correctly. In the readme file that comes with all my downloads, there's a list of all kinds of files and the directories in which they have to be unzipped:

  • .bmp ...\Maxis\TheSims\GameData\Skins
  • .cfp ...\Maxis\TheSims\GameData\Skins
  • .cmx ...\Maxis\TheSims\GameData\Skins
  • .iff ...\Maxis\TheSims\Downloads
  • .skn ...\Maxis\TheSims\GameData\Skins
  • .flr ...\Maxis\TheSims\GameData\Floors
  • .wll ...\Maxis\TheSims\GameData\Walls
Subfolders may only be created in the 'Downloads' directory!